who are we

ACS Laboratories (Australia) is a laboratory based Analytical Testing Facility providing both routine and non-routine testing capabilities utilising modern instrumental techniques. ACS commenced business in 2001 as Analytical Consulting Services and has grown into a multidisciplined progressive laboratory incorporating leading edge Chromatographic techniques.

our mission

ACS strives to provide conclusive analytical solutions with a rigorous scientific approach, to provide accurate results for it’s customers. ACS provides the highest standard of quality testing, to ensure that the analysis is adding value for the client in diverse industries.

What we do

The strength of it’s non routine and specialist laboratory services in agricultural, environmental, air quality, drinking and wastewater analysis gives ACS an edge in providing tailored solutions to diverse analytical problems. To this end ACS provides the breadth of chromatographic services in HPLC, GC/MS and UPLC/MSMS. 

Key personel


Vince Murone

Laboratory operations and marketing

Vince founded Analytical Consulting Services in 2001. Establishing services to the trade waste industry and non-routine services to larger commercial laboratories was a key to cementing the laboratory’s footprint. Providing Agricultural sector testing was also pivotal in securing the market position that ACS has capitalized on.

Vince has extensive experience in all chromatographic techniques particularly GC and GC-MS, as well as laboratory management and operations. Vince has been instrumental orchestrating new growth opportunities for ACS Laboratories and manages the business development of new areas such as hemp, medicinal cannabis, clandestine drug analysis and providing bespoke testing programs to the beverage industry (breweries, distilleries and wineries). Vince plays a key role method development for unusual and novel matrices and is able to draw upon chemistry knowledge and experience to bear on a problem. Vince has been a MRACI member for over 30 years.

Vince’s professional interests extend into all things chemistry and has been instrumental in organising several international residue conferences. Outside of the lab, Vince finds time to enjoy family life, wineries, camping and the beach.


Sandy Famulari

Applications and development

Sandy Famulari has formidable and solid credentials in non-routine method development, particularly in developing novel and robust HPLC and LC-MS methods. His experience in SPE techniques and residue profiling have been instrumental to ACS's growth in the agricultural analysis of both actives and impurities as well as low level non routine environmental residue testing.

Sandy's 17 years experience in chromatography and comprehensive knowledge of APVMA and NATA requirements have been invaluable in dealing with the challenging demands of a non-routine laboratory. Sandy’s extensive liaison with client on specific projects and meeting client objectives has allowed ACS to gain strength and consolidate its testing reputation (in areas including research institutions and commercial markets). Sandy is project oriented and works closely with the experienced team members to manage and complete clients programs.

Outside of the lab, Sandy enjoys car restorations, family life and football; being a passionate Hawthorn supporter.


Craig hicks

Business development Manager

Craig Hicks and has over 25 years experience in many disciplines of analytical testing. He has strong method development skills in non routine analysis and low level residue analysis in commodities such as agricultural feed, vegetables and wine utilizing both GC/MS. Craig has extensive experience in business development, overseeing client liaison, tender submissions and laboratory contracts.

Craig has a strong background in pesticides analysis in food matrices and method development and ability to work through critical non-routine contamination issues found in food products, vegetables and wine utilizing modern instrumental techniques.

Our facilities

ACS laboratories (Australia) has modern chromatographic instrumentation to solve an array of problems. With instrumental analysis being the principal activities, GC and GCMS as well as array of HPLC and UPLC/MS/MS are available to tackle most analytical problems. 

Solid investment in modern preparatory techniques & method development has allowed ACS to access difficult matrices and return accurate results for it’s clients.

Our Instrumentation

Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR)
Gas chromatography/TCD/FPD and MS
Gas Chromatography - mass spectrometry (GC-MS)
UV-Visible Spectroscopy
Liquid chromatography–mass spectrometry (LC-MS)
Ultra Performance Liquid Chromatography (UPLC)

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