ACS offers reliable analytical services across many industries including gas, food, trade waste, agricultural products, organic residues, industrial chemicals and consumer products. Having a trusted customer focused team of innovative chemists provides for quick, reliable and flexible solutions supported by solid science and a breadth of experience.

ACS also undertakes complex residue testing for the environmental markets as well as residue testing in export commodities. Such work is unpinned by both modern GC/MS and UPLC/MS/MS facilities.

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Through the use of state of the art analytical technology such as LCMS-MS, GCMS, FT-IR, forensic chromatography, mass spectrometry, NMR spectroscopy and scanning electron microscopy, our highly experienced staff and trusted associates can assist industry with critical problem solving and method development capabilities in a timely fashion.

Key areas of analysis


Certificates of analysis you can trust

ACS is commited to ensuring accuracy in it’s analysis and reporting. Any certificates of analysis issued, or analysis reports drawn up will be done so with utmost stringency and foolproof results that can be trusted. ACS is NATA accredited to the ISO:17025:2005 standard to strengthen its credibility as a testing facility and broaden its marketability and share of laboratory of services in Australia, as well as overseas. 


Fulfilling regulatory requirements

Various regulatory bodies require validation of analytical methods along with certificates of analysis. ACS has the skills and expertise to perform validation and verification of methods according to National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) and the International Conference on Harmonization (ICH) guidelines. ACS has been contracted by regulators such as the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) for analytical testing, and has APVMA approved analysts (appointment number AN084).

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