Agricultural chemicals are used in the production of food and fibre products, particularly to improve yield and quality. Agricultural chemicals can include herbicides, fungicides, insecticides and pest animal baits. Fertilizers, hormones and chemical growth agents are also agricultural chemical products which are widely used.

The quality of agricultural products, particularly the purity, can have a large impact on the crop yield and output. Tainted agricultural products such as cross-contaminated herbicides and pesticides can cause farmers millions of dollars in crop losses and soil damage.

ACS strives to be provide services to enable manufacturers and producers of agricultural chemical products are compliant with the chemistry aspects of the Agricultural and Veterinary Chemicals Code Act 1994.

ACS has an esteemed reputation and has been contracted by regulators such as the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) for analytical testing. ACS has APVMA approved analysts (appointment number AN084).

Product formulation and validation

​ACS has over 250 technical publications submitted to the APVMA on behalf of its clients in areas of:
  • Product Analysis for Active concentration and Impurities to the most recent APVMA guidelines
  • Method validation of Agricultural formulation including stability trials (formulation and routing stability) for APVMA registration.
Some of the compounds recently tested by ACS include, Glyphosate, N-nitrosoglyphosate, Diuron, Tetrachloroazobenzene, Imazapyr, Clorpyralid and Ethephon.

Pesticides and Herbicides in plant and cereal crops

​ACS also has a high level of expertise in the analysis of exotic type herbicides in vegetation and crops such as grapes and wines where incorrect use of chemicals has affected crops and or stunted growth. This includes looking for trace chemicals like glyphosate, paraquat/diquat, sulphonyl ureas (metsulfuron), triazines, phenoxy acids and imazepyr in various agricultural matrices. The analysis of the metabolites are often significant and can be tested to the regulatory levels. Issues such as over spray and deliberate damage to poison trees to improve property aspects can be identified with confidence, using laboratory services at ACS.

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