The nationwide outbreak of meth laboratories

It can be a toilet, a powder room, a garage or even the kitchen stove. Illicit drug manufacturers are finding ever more creative ways to produce highly valued illicit substances. The most popular one is methamphetamine (meth) as known as ‘ice’, ‘share’, ‘chalk’ or ‘tweek’. This illegal production facilities are called clandestine laboratories.

The epidemic

There is an extremely concerning meth epidemic occurring across Australia, with the country reported to have the highest use of the drug in the English-speaking world. According to the National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre, the total number of users is growly rapidly. With such a massive demand for the drug, these improvised laboratories are becoming increasingly ubiquitous across Australia.  These laboratories are being set up in suburban homes and motels, and are often undetected by landlords or property managers.


Often the producers have little or no formal education in chemistry; consequently, are not too careful about the potential contaminations, and other hazards present. Due to the nature of the chemicals used, as well as the methamphetamine produced, residues can often stay embedded in the walls, carpets and furniture of the improvised laboratory for an extended period. Exposure to these contaminants can cause extensive irritation and other acute effects including nausea, headache and wheezing. Longer duration exposures can be more serious, and some may be life threatening – especially for younger children.

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